The Process

Witch hazel


We harvest our Witch Hazel plants using sustainable methods on over 33,000 acres of New England forest, where the plant grows naturally. Our harvestlands are certified organic, and our harvesters carefully select, manage, and document our harvest areas according to the National Organic Program regulations.

Out in their native habitat, our plants grow to maturity, forming the nutrient-dense bark and twigs that hold the therapeutic properties of the plant, the ONLY parts of the plant that are to be used for genuine witch hazel (never leaves! never flowers!) according to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP*).

To ensure forest health and promote regrowth, we cut only mature branches of dormant plants in the cold fall and winter months, and always leave enough of the plant to promote regrowth and forest health.


USP specifies that the Witch Hazel bark and twigs must be distilled to remove impurities, such as tannins, and to capture the purest, most efficacious extracts from the plant.

Our witch hazel is steam-distilled in a state-of-the-art facility and then preserved with pure ethyl alcohol, natural grain alcohol — no denatured alcohols, which can be potentially irritating.

Always being mindful of our environment, we limit any waste from our process by repurposing spent wood chips as garden mulch and using heat recycling to heat our building with energy from our manufacturing process.

The result is a family of genuine distilled Witch Hazel products you can trust for purity & effectiveness and can feel good about using.

Witch hazel

*United States Pharmacopeia (USP), the independent organization that sets the standards for purity and efficacy of active ingredients